Martin Henk van den Berg

Data scientist with extensive experience in the area of document analysis for the purposes of summarization, knowledge extraction and search. Managed groups developing and deploying natural language components within research and product divisions. Developed both back-end and front-end tools and technology for Natural Language applications. Designed knowledge infrastructure for co-reference resolution in mixed-initiative dialog systems.

Architected a multi-year knowledge extraction project in cooperation with the Natural Language and Knowledge Representation groups at Xerox PARC that eventually spun-out as the startup Powerset.

As a formal semantic with an interest in linguistics above the level of the sentence, I try to understand how the structure of discourse informs the hearer about the meaning encoded. Using the Linguistic Discourse Model (a theory of discourse structure developed by Livia Polanyi) and versions of dynamic logic (for discourse meaning), I try to understand how different anaphors find their antecedents in texts and dialogs, how they get their meaning once they found them and what that tells us about the way we encode information structure.

Co-authored 24 granted patents

For details, see my cv in pdf format

Last updated March 25, 2020